About us

Who are we?

We are an organization that consists of young design and IT professionals who have high work readiness,
strong performance and quick wit in the field of work.

Our passion

The activity principle in Frame Studio the adrenaline hormone pumps its activity and strength into the team upon receiving the task,
and does not stop until the dopamine hormone is pumped to the client!

Our story

With our entry to the market in 2010, a revolution in professional photography took place
and it was the beginning of the appearance of many works and visual images from Frame Studio.
The Kingdom adopted this creativity and excellence through the Saudi Colors Forum, which started in 2012.
During this period, the idea of ​​creating a studio based on the ideas that were achieved in 2012
and announcing the challenge by participating in the second session in the Saudi Colors Forum in 2013
to attract attention with attendance and distinguished works.
Success was achieved and is evident in the high quality and innovative production work consistently coming from Frame Studio.

Our Values

Honesty -
Workmanship -
Transparency -

Our vision

At Frame Studio, we strive to provide work with high quality service and also offer an integrated technical painting service
that distinguishes the customer in the marketplace.

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